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Our thanks to Toshiaki  Matsubara - (A.T.C Club of Japan) for his drawing above  especially for our web site

               The Airedale Terrier Today - October 2000.           Pet Owners Guide to the Airedale Terrier  -1999

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photos by Galina Rudenkova

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Our first Airedale, we bought in 1984 as a companion, we named her Rob-Royd Gem. I mentioned to my husband 'What a Gem'. Hence her name is carried on by naming all our Airedales 'Gems' - Precious or semi-precious stones & Minerals etc. We lost Gem in November 1998 aged 14 years - she is sadly missed by all the family.

Our old faithful ''Barney'' our 1st Champion Shadli Magnum at Robroyd born 24/8/86 - died January 2000

We both judge the Airedale Terrier at K.C. Championship level.

A list of our dogs;

bulletCH SHADLI MAGNUM of ROBROYD 4 C.C's 2 BOB 3 Res C.C's & 2nd in Terrier Group
bulletROBROYD BRONZITE 1 C.C. - (dam of; CH Robroyd Granite) born 28/3/87 our 1st litter.
bulletROBROYD CRYSTAL 1 C.C   1 Res C.C. TOP BROOD BITCH 1992 born 1/11/87
bulletROBROYD DIAMOND 1 C.C. 2 Res C.C. TOP SIRE 1993 born 22/5/89
bulletROBROYD BLACK DIAMOND 2 C.C's 3 Res C.C's (litter sister to Diamond)
bulletCH ROBROYD EMERALD 6 C.C's 3 BOB 4 Res C.C's TERRIER GROUP 2 & TOP BITCH 1992 born 29/10/90
bulletItal & Int CH ROBROYD FLINT 1 C.C & BOB 3 Res C.C'S TOP AIREDALE ITALY 1994 TERRIER GROUP 1-Ragg Terrier Int-Ancona 1994 born 6/11/90 owners Marco & Alex Galli.
bulletCH ROBROYD GRANITE - 5 C.C's 4 BOB 3 Res C.C's TOP PUPPY 1993 - RUNNER UP TOP DOG 1993 - TOP SIRE 1995 &-98- TOP STUD 1997 born 14/6/92
bulletEng & Ital,Int, CH ROBROYD JET 3 C.C's (winning 2 C.C's in puppy class) 2 Res C.C's. Jet left our shores at the age of 20 months. TOP AIREDALE ITALY 1996 & 1997 & TOP S.I.T. 97 (owners Marco & Alex Galli - (BS)- Italy) born 12/4/94
bulletCH ROBROYD JEWEL 7 C.C's 4 BOB 10 Res C.C's 2 Best in Show at Breed Championship Shows & TERRIER GROUP 4 (litter sister to Jet)
bulletROBROYD LAZURITE 1 C.C with BOB 2 Res C.C's (97) litter sister to Lignum
bulletROBROYD LIGNUM 1 C.C with BOB 3 Res C.C's (97) born 4/6/94
bulletBALLINTOBER TOR AT ROBROYD - 1 C.C 4 Res C.C's & he is TOP PUPPY 1997 (now retired from the show ring- ) born 15/4/96
bulletROBROYD SILVER -1st in Minor Puppy Dog & went on to win Best Puppy in Show at the National Airedale Terrier Club Championship Show & was considered for the Res CC-1997 Judge - George Dale (Codale) (in a lovely pet home) born 8/1/97
bulletROBROYD TITANEUM (D) born 18/1/98 (3 res CC's) res C.C. Oct 1999 Driffield Ch Show, res CC Dec 1999 LKA, res CC Manchester Feb 2000 **Now Retired from the Show ring.
bulletROBROYD TOPAZ (B) winner of junior class Crufts 1999 (litter sister of Titaneum)
bulletROBROYD RUBY 18/3/96 (B) Res CC December 1999 L.K.A first time out since she was a puppy.
bulletRobroyd Xena Girl (B)  &  Robroyd Xcaliber Xavier (D) DOB 8/8/00
bulletCH Robroyd Zodiac (D) proud owners Takemi & Shino Sugimoto



ROB ROYD GEM    Hip Score 5-5

CH The Deerhunter of Saredon x Rob Royd Gem


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CH  SHADLI  MAGNUM of  ROBROYD   Hip Score 5-6  born 24/8/86

CH Jokyl Gallipants X Shadli Bellona

 4 C.C's  -   2 BOB  -   3 Res C.C's       &  2nd in Terrier Group 


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ROBROYD   BRONZITE   born 28/3/87  'Becky'   Hip Score 4-3 (our 1st litter).

Ch Shadli Likely Lad  x Rob Royd Gem

 1   C.C. -    N.A.T. ASS  - Judge Wilma Carter (USA)

(dam of; CH Robroyd Granite)  

photo later

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Robroyd Crystal  1 CC  1 Res CC- born 1/11/87   (our 2nd litter)

Ch Shadli Magnum of Robroyd  x Rob Royd Gem

Top Brood bitch 1992

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ROBROYD DIAMOND (D) 1 C.C.    2 Res C.C. TOP SIRE 1993   born 22/5/89


   ROBROYD BLACK DIAMOND (B)  2 C.C's    3 Res C.C's (litter sister to Diamond)

Ch Shadli Magnum of Robroyd  x  Robroyd Brazilianite


photo's  later

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CH ROBROYD EMERALD   29/10/90    'Elle'

Top Winning Bitch 1992   

(shown  only  from February 02  to October 2002

Multi CH Ballintober Gold at Saredon  x Robroyd Crystal


  photo- Emerald in Junior Class  - winning Bitch CC at CRUFTS 1992 

she will always be remembered for her gentle ways.

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'Pippa'.       litter sister to Emerald

4 C.C's    2 BOB    2 Res C.C's  & TERRIER GROUP 2


Handled at Malvern by dear friend  George Dale (Codale)

Dear  Pippa   is the dam of   Jet & Jewel.


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  Int, Ital,   Ch ROBROYD FLINT      born 6/11/90

1 C.C  & BOB   &   3 Res C.C'S 

Top Airedale Italy  1994 &  Many Terrier Group placings 

including Group 1  Int -Ancona  1994  Owners Marco & Alessander  Galli, ( Lisander).

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CH ROBROYD GRANITE  born 14/6/92   'George'

Top Puppy & Runner up Top Dog 1993 - Top Sire 1995  &  98  & Top Stud 97 


 6 Best Puppy in Breed     5 C.C's,     4 B.O.B.     3 Res C.Cs,   1 B.I.S.  &  3 Res B.I.S.


(BVA/K.C.Hip Score 8 - 8)  photo aged 10 months

 Robroyd Diamond X  Robroyd Bronzite  (BVA/KC Hip Score 4 - 3)

Retired from the Show Ring at the age of 20 months -superb animation -Hands on this dog has pleased many Judges, as near to the standard as any dog can possibly be in type and above all his showmanship. Granite - pet name is George - is a hard rock -Quartz - which contains many Crystals. This is an apt name for such a dog. We remember him strutting around his puppy pen at the age of five weeks demanding the attention but always in a playful manner, which becomes a future King!  

His 1st Dog C.C. Manchester Ch Show Judged by Herbert Atkinson. Granite won Best Puppy in Breed and his first Challenge Certificate. 

His critique reads, 'Only 10 months old on the day and what a prospect, correct temperament & characteristics, you cannot ignore him, good head and ears, straight front, well laid shoulders, level top-line & short coupled, moved with style and was well presented, hind movement just needs to tighten up'. His 2nd Dog C.C & B.O.B. Scottish Kennel Club Judged by Vincent Mitchell. ' What a pleasure that in ones first class (P.D) such a lovely young dog should appear, he came into the ring with such confidence, showing with great animation & elegance & then on going over him there were no disappointments, head and eye, lovely neck, shoulders and top-line, in immaculate coat & condition. Pleasure to award him first place and then subsequently C.C. & B.O.B at his tender age. I sincerely hope that he will achieve the success that I envisage. 

'His 3rd Dog C.C. B.O.B. Southern Counties Judged by Mavis Lodge (Mynair) ' a mature eleven and a half month old puppy of lovely type and style, beautiful head and ears, dark eye & correct mouth, excellent neck and shoulders, short solid body, with good coat, tail set and bone, he has a good turn of stifle and low hocks, well presented, was my B.O.B. his 3rd and still in puppy class.

'Only just out of puppy he won his 4th C.C. & B.O.B. at Leeds Judged by Barbara Jull  this won his title of Champion.




     Dear George -14/6/92  -  1/3/04



Thank you Takemi & Shino for your kind words

 and for the bouquet with Willow stems.

photo George aged 9 years.

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CH ROBROYD JEWEL   - Born 12/4/94 -   'Jazz'

sire CH Robroyd Granite  X  CH Robroyd Emerald Pride at Tiggis

Top Winning  'A'  Bitch 1997

7 C.C's -4 B.O.Bs - 12 Res C.C's - 2 Best in Show at Airedale Breed Championship Shows

& TERRIER GROUP 4 at Leeds Ch Show,


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Eng, Italian & International & S.I.T. Champion 

 ROBROYD JET    born 12/4/94

Top Airedale Italy 1996 & 97, & Top S.I.T. 1997 Owners Marco & Alessandra Galli, Lisander Kennels - Italy


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Robroyd Lazurite  -born 4/6/94 - Feb 2005   'Lottie'

CH Robroyd Granite x Ch Robroyd Emerald

 1 C.C with BOB  &  2 Res C.C's   wins during year 1997



ROBROYD LIGNUM   born 4/6/94     'Lette'

       1 C.C with BOB    &  3 Res C.C's    her wins during 1997 

photo of  Robroyd Lignum with Breed Expert - Judge Berit Forseman (Beacytan)


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ROBROYD RUBY  (B)        born 18/3/96

sire Robroyd Jet x Robroyd Imperial Jade.    

 shown only a few times,  at the age of 6 months  she won minor puppy class at the N.A.T.Ass Ch  Show, and 'Jewel' won Best in Show.

We decided to leave her at home and enter her when Jet and Jewel had finished showing. Then at the age of 3 years we decided to enter her,  it was her 1st class and....she won Res CC at the LKA. say no more!

Yes,   definitely another champion  in our eyes. Retired Ruby after her first adult show... the LKA. she  showed true character, personality, and the true Terrier spirit, she is  and will always be a fantastic Airedale with fire, that's the breed, King of the Terriers.

photo - March 2000.

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BALLINTOBER   TOR   AT   ROBROYD   born 15/4/96

......TOP PUPPY 1997

 ( Ch Robroyd Granite x  Ch  Ballintober Chloe)

1 C.C. & 4 res C.C's - retired from the show ring after Scotland

Tor's first Show was at The Sporting Terrier of Yorkshire Open Show.

 Where he won Best Puppy in Show & Best in Show  from an entry of 179 Terriers.

    Our thanks to Bernie Frost (Ballintober) his breeder another with true terrier spirit.


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ROBROYD SILVER  - born 8/1/97   'Sly'

Robroyd Diamond x Robroyd Imperial Jade

-1st in Minor Puppy Dog & went on to win Best Puppy in Show at the National Airedale Terrier Club Championship Show 

he  was considered for the Res CC- 1997 Judge - George Dale (Codale) (now in a lovely pet home) 


photo later


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ROBROYD Topaz (B)   &   ROBROYD Titaneum  (D)  3 Res CC's

CH Robroyd Granite x Dam Robroyd Ruby     Born 18/1/98         


above left - Robroyd Topaz  winning 1st place J  B.  at Crufts 2000 -Judge-Ruth Millar -***Robroyd Titaneum-!st Limit dog & res C.C. at Driffield Ch Show Oct 1999 - 1st Limit dog & res C.C. at L.K.A Dec 1999 -!st Limit Dog & res C.C at Manchester Feb 2000   another -NOW ...RETIRED FROM THE SHOW RING  -Living in Spain, he will always be a champion in our eyes.

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   CH ROBROYD ZODIAC    'Willow'.   born 4/2/01

Ch Robroyd Granite  x  Robroyd Ruby

owners Takemi  & Shino (below)  Sugimoto - Japan - Congratulations on your wins


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born 8/8/00

Robroyd Granite  X  Robroyd Unakite at Estabelle

Xcaliber he  now living in a  family home with Gt Schnauzer

Xcaliber a  super  male, carries  all  the attributes, 

plus fire, I  just became tired of showing!


 his litter sister  ROBROYD  XENA GIRL   'Kizzy'

Kizzy won Res CC

National A T Club Ch Show 2002-judge Barbara Shurvington



     'Happy',  Kizzy  

We have retired showing our Airedales






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