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Our Russian Blacks History 1996 - 2007

The RBT's Interim Standard became effective late September 2000 ( there was only 2 shows during that year).

What you show, shows what you know! 

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007  Top Winners,

Currently Top RBT 2008 Robroyd I Lyka born 23/3/07

   photo by Carol-Ann Johnson






Top Bitch and Runner Up Top RBT

2003 -2004 - 2005 

Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd   'Red'




AND Red's son is

Top RBT 2005 & 2006 

Robroyd Lukomor

(D) born 08/04/04

photo July 2006










AND   Reds daughter is

Top RBT BITCH 2007

Robroyd Romantica

sire Multi Ch Moskvorechie Antey

          photo Roma aged 16 months




AND AND  Runner up Top RBT Bitch 2006    

Robroyd Evdoksii iz Claybrook     










photo---her litter sister is

Robroyd Evfaliia  

 'Lia'. photo aged 15 months  




ROBROYD-TOP Winning Russian Black Kennels 2001

 Lisander Astronimical At Robroyd 'Asta' TOP BROOD 2001

Breeders of Top RBT 2001      &  Runner up Top RBT 2002

  Robroyd Broshka at Fernwood 

Topping the   Import Register- TOP SIRE & TOP STUD  2001 & 2002 is

 Eestiless Joker Arbat-Roz At Robroyd  born 20/8/95 'Pippo',  photo-->

Top  Bitch & Runner up Top RBT  2003 /2004 / 2005

 Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd

  'Red' born 17/3/01


painting 'Red'  by Susan Harper


Top RBT 2005  Robroyd Lukomor (D)



Top RBT Puppy 2005 Robroyd Eros at Redrhinos


Luka winning G3 Verona

 December 2005



Fernwood Aliva at Robroyd

St Patrick's Day Show - Ireland 21st March 2004 -

Judge; Marina Gerasimova (Moscow)

'Datcha'   won  Best of Breed

Best Puppy in Breed

& Green Star winner 


Zolo, Jan,  Gem  -  Asta, Tom,  Pippo








Asta is the 'first'' Russian Black Terrier', to arrive into the U.K.-1996.

**Tom with Asta Christmas 1996

LISANDER ASTRONIMICAL AT ROBROYD  (B)   (Pet name Asta). Born 17/02/96

Sire -Ital, Int, & World Champion (Bern 94), CH S.I.T-1994Ch Carlos Nocni Boure - (CH IRBIS X DOLLY)

Dam -- Ital, Int de Beaute, Ch S.I.T. CH Asta Nocni Boure.  (AMUR Z RO DA GU x DOLLY)

Bred by  Marco & Alex Galli, Lisander Kennels. -- Orzinuovi  (BS)-Italy

Tom & I watched Carlos Nocni Boure together with Rozal- Rad. W.W in Bern 94 who would have thought at that time we would be bringing his daughter Asta into the UK and the next year Rozal-Rad's  son 'Pippo', came  into the UK) Asta came to our home re- the Bali Directive (no Quarantine) She lives happily in our home with Pippo.


Our latest edition born in MOSCOW and he is the First adult Russian B.T. male into the UK.

EESTILESS JOKER ARBAT-ROZ at ROBROYD (Estonia via Italy Imp) Born 20-08-95 --( Pippo)

Sire: Ishak-Lidz (Moscow) (GES-GERO X LIDZA-LAIK)      Dam: Rozal-Rad ( Moscow) W.W. 94 (LES-LAVR X RADA-BI)

Tom fell in love with Pippo when he saw him as a puppy. Marco had only just imported him from Russia into Italy as a baby at the age of 8 weeks, Tom asked Marco for 'Pippo every time we visited Italy in the end Marco agreed and stated, 'For the breed, he is the very best of ambassadors one could ever wish to own and true to type.

Photo  below  just out of quarantine. 'Pippo', joined us in June 1997.            Tom & Pippo seeing the sights in and around Dublin





Pippo is the  oldest  RBT male in the UK.


He was 13years old  20th August 2008


Such a lovely character, he loves everyone





The *FIRST* ever Classes held for the RBT breed was in Ireland at the Killarney Championship Show on 17th August 1999.  Photo (right)  of Tom with Pippo after winning*Green Star* - *Best Dog* - *Best of Breed* Pippo  represented the breed very well in the WORKING GROUP. Our thanks to all the Officers and Committee of the Show and the Judge for the 'RBT', Mr Bruce Owen from Canada.

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MORE ROBROYD 'GEMS'  (our 1st litter).

Two puppies born   1  male   'Zolo' &   1 Bitch  'Gem'  ( and we kept them!)

Eestiless Joker Arbat-Roz at Robroyd x Lisander Astronimical at Robroyd

ROBROYD GEMTCHUGINA (B) 2 /6/ 99 (translated is Pearl).

  ''Gem'' photo of ''Gem'' taken at 7 weeks of age  at 5 1/2 months weighed 65.8 pounds (29.9 kg)

Gem (January 2000) aged 7 months - 26 inches to the shoulder (weight later)


photo of Gem Aged 2 years October 2001


Gem's litter brother is ROBROYD RUSSKOE ZOLOTO (D) (translated is Russian Gold). ''Zolo''   photo of ''Zolo'' at 9 weeks of age

photo of 'Zolo' aged 12 weeks & he weighs 38 pounds.

At the age of 5 1/2 months he weighed in at 72.8 pounds-(33.8 kg)

Zolo photo aged 7 months - weighs 43 kg (98 lbs) is 27 inches to the shoulder (not hair)



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Irish Kennel Club's - St Patrick's Day. 

Championship Show - Dublin -Ireland. March 2000

Best Puppy in Show    Robroyd Russkoe Zoloto (aged 9 months)

photo Steve Halifax

left to right Zolo * Gem ***Asta *Pippo  (Pippo is the Sire & Asta is the Dam of our Puppies).

Our thanks to 'all' at the Irish Kennel Club for including breed classes   for the R.B.T. 

Classes Judged by Mr R. De Santigo.(Puerto Rico)

Eestiless Joker Arbat-Roz at Robroyd ''Pippo''. *CACIB-Green Star & B.O.B.

Lisander Astronimical of Robroyd 'Asta'. * CACIB -Green Star & Best Opposite

Robroyd Gemtchugina. 'Gem'. 2/6/99 * Best puppy Bitch & Reserve Green Star winner

    Robroyd Russkoe Zoloto 2/6/99 'Zolo'. WON Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed,*Reserve Green Star 

*Working Group - Puppy winner -Judged by Mr Joseph Kirk 

 &  BEST PUPPY in SHOW -judged by Miss Gwen Fottrell (approximately 2,800 exhibitors on the Day)

photo Steve Halifax   Robroyd Russkoe Zoloto    'Zolo'

Mr Kirk's critique reads; handsome male, upstanding, in first class condition, correct coat, well defined skull, correct bite & pigmentation, good ear & eye set, well formed neckline flowing into well laid shoulders, strong forequarters, muscular & well angulated rear, nice spring of rib, deep brisket, good loin, correct tail set, shown & handled to perfection, a lovely specimen of the breed. Pleased to see him gaining first place under the BIS judge Miss Fottrell. St Patrick's Day was a fantastic day for us. It was Zolo's & Gem's ' first time', in the show ring. We are very proud of all our dogs -what a week-end, it was truly superb.


Just home after Attending the TOP PUPPY 2000 Award in IRELAND-->






photo taken 8/12/00 ZOLO aged 18 months  29 inches - 74 cms to the shoulder   .



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Robroyd Broshka   (B)   10/6/2002  'Sasha'

Sasha  is Top RBT  2001 & Runner Up Top RBT 2002

her litter mates   3 bitches  &  1 male  can be seen  on  the  Puppy pages

Robroyd Broshka  14 weeks of age (weight 19 Kilos)

Tom with  Robroyd Broshka (B)  at 8 weeks.             photo Maureen & Olga  at RBT Club International Day


<--Robroyd Broshka  owned by Mike & Maureen  Smith   (Fernwood)


Robroyd Bulava   (B)  10/6/2000  'Minnie'

photo aged 14 months   'Minnie'  litter sister to Broshka






From the first two litters born at Robroyd

 there were 7 puppies and we kept 3 of the 7 born  'Zolo', 'Gem', & 'Minnie'.




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Meet 'Red'   our Latest Import

Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd - Imp  (B) born 17/3/01

 Sire;  Int, Ital  Ch Neposeda Ant   'Nepo'   Dam;  Int, Ital, Ch  Lisander Amor.

Breeder Antonio Ghibaudo with Agnese 

                                                                              Photo- Red aged 13 months

               ****photo June 2002  Red  aged 16 months just before attending the World Show Amsterdam she won - Excellent & 4th place junior class


Photo by Carol Ann Johnson

- BOB winner RED  Tom with  Judge Hugh Jones

   Krasnaja Ploscad At Robroyd   'Red'

  is  TOP Bitch RBT UK 2003 & 2004 & 2005

Thank you to Antonio & Agnese for such a beautiful Russian,

 many congratulations on all your wins with 'Nepo' & 'Amor'.


'Red',  Painting by Susan Harper


Euro-Paris KRIS CACIB BOB & Neposeda Ant Res CACIB        *'Best in Show' Junior Handler Aurora Lovison handling 'Nepo'.

    Kris                                     Nepo                                                                Nepo


ROBROYD ANTON (D) born 1st May 2002      'Baxter'

Sire Rus, Ital, Int CH Moskvorechie Antey   Dam Lisander Astronimical of Robroyd


His first show Manchester CH Show 7/2/03    Baxter won   'Best Puppy'  Import  Register  at the same show RED  WON  B.O.B

Now in partnership  T. Huxley & living in Sweden with Mona & Lars-Erik Uddenholme -Kennel Zantana

Has anyone seen Baxter at the Shows in Sweden?

Baxter was to join us in the UK for a few shows!!

We find out Baxter is now living in another home -


photo---Baxter aged 9 months




Introducing our new baby girl

Fernwood Aliva of Robroyd   (B)  'Datcha'   Born  25th May 2003  

Best Puppy in Breed & BOB at The Irish Kennel Club St Patrick's Day Show

beating her sire

March 21st 2004 aged 10 months our thanks to the judge  Marina Gerasimova

Dam- Robroyd Broshka at Fernwood (Lisander Astronimical at Robroyd  x Eestiless Joker Arbat-Roz at Robroyd)      Sire Vasily at Fernwood bred by Tatiana Zlobina

 her Grandam is Ch Rozal -Rad   W.W.  Her Grandsire is Ishak-Lidz

photo aged 8 months




'chunky'      Datcha --photo 27th March 2004 aged 10 months just after the Irish  K.C. Show


Born 8th April 2004

           Sire Lukomor  Char iz Russkoi Dinastii           Dam Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd

(Bart Barby S Bronnich x Jasno Solnyshko iz Russkoi Dinastii)                (Neposeda Ant X Lisander Amor)

    2 puppies born  

                            Robroyd  Lukomor  (D)        photo aged 50 days old       Robroyd  Li-Sander Lukomorie (B)


Robroyd Lukomor aged 8 months - At his first show he won Best Puppy


   AT CRUFTS  2005

Robroyd  Lukomor 

'Luca'  won

1st Special Junior Dog

Reserve Best Dog

Best Puppy

<---photo  St Patrick's - Dublin the following week  Luca  won BOB,  Green Star,  Best Puppy  and his Dam 'Red' won B.O.S

   New kids on the block

Sire: Multi Ch. Moskvorechie Antey     Dam: Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd

Robroyd Gigolo iz Lisander   born 25th December 2005

aged 17 months    BEST IN SHOW    RBT OPEN SHOW 10th June 2007       






his  litter sister

Robroyd Romantica

 Top RBT Bitch  2007




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