Robroyd Airedale & Russian Black Terriers


 ROBROYD Puppies and their Owners

         Photo of Dad Gigolo           Robroyd Gigolo x Robroyd Evfaliia (4) born 2nd December 2007                

Photo of Mum 'Lia'


Sue and Mel a girl Robroyd Reality  'Rea'.

Margaret and Paul a boy Robroyd Romeo  'Angus' to live with their Robroyd Airedale 'Hamish'  'Lia' has a cuddle also.

Sharon a girl Robroyd Romance


Angela and Bill Smith 'Briannor' chose a girl Robroyd Rhapsody  'Sadie'  aged 10 months






Moskvorechie Antey x Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd  born Sunday Christmas Day25th December 2005 

 We kept Gigolo & Romantica

Socialising puppies

  Emily, Aaron & Nicole

Emily and Danny (Macca)

 came to look at their new baby girl

 'Tia'. aged 4 weeks

at 12 weeks she is almost house trained !


weaning begins at  2 weeks old ..    puppies weight....







Simon, Judy, John and Harry with Bodie (12weeks)

who will live with their GSD and Min Schnauzer.


John, Bodie and RED (mum)







<--Sara's children with

Red and their baby girl


Stan and Pat choose a boy-->





Red & Rascal







left- Here he is as a baby

photo right he is full grown and winning in Ireland with Marion Ferguson




Babyllon Cierny Sen at Lisander   (Bibi)   X   Robroyd Bulava (Minnie) litter sister to Robroyd Broshka top winning RBT

The 'E', litter Born 19th December 2004

We kept Robroyd Evfaliia    'Lia'.

Bibi  the sire of the litter

..John & Barbara chose a girl to live with their older RBT bitch         .


  Linda & Les with their baby boy- Louie


Michelle & Peter chose  a boy, Boris he will live with their older RBT 'Gunner'


Paul & Carly chose a male and named him Diesel

he will live with their Kerry Blue named Harley






Amanda and Charles chose a male, Boris.

Alan fell in love with a male

'Robroyd Evnikii',  'Nikki'



Melanie fell in love with a male- Eros- Top Puppy 2005                                                                      Fred & Sue chose a girl Robroyd Evdoksii runner up Top Bitch 2006

                                                                    Shirley chose a girl  'Savvick'..... Alan, Frances & Kirsty chose a girl


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Puppies born 8th April 2004 1 male & 1 bitch  we kept both !

Lukomor Char iz Russkoi Dinastii...(Mieron)  X  Krasnaja Ploscad at Robroyd....(Red)

Robroyd Lukomor (D)  (Luca)           &         Robroyd Li-Sander Lukomorie (B)  (Luba)

It was well worth the journey back to Italy to meet up with Olga Vorobjeva and to use her latest male RBT   'Mieron', he was entered at the Milan Int Show.  Mieron is a big lad who has the most beautiful character, a gentlemen with  personality to match.

Luca.....aged 50 days old.Luba (B)

Luca aged 8 months at his first show he won Best Import Puppy


13th March 2005  Cruft's   Luca aged 11 months won Res Best Dog & Best Puppy

The following week at St Patrick's Day, Ireland  Luca won BOB Green Star and Best Puppy,

Luca is Top RBT 2005 & 2006

 his Dam 'Red' won CACIB, Green Star & BOS

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Puppies born 22nd July 2003 1 male 4 bitches

Estabelle Cheravka Vlakh at Tiggis  X  Robroyd Bulava  (Minnie)

We kept Robroyd Dacha

Robroyd Desantnik (D)Tom, Jim & Chris with the only male in the litter Rasputin.

His character is fantastic, Rasputin lives with a JR and Yorkshire Terrier,  as a baby he looks like his Grandad 'Pippo' !


photo of family later  Tomer & Sarah owners of Robroyd Dochka  (B)      'Mimi'


Puppies from Rus, Int, Ital, Ch Moskvorechie Antey 'Gigi' X Lisander Astronimical at Robroyd 'Asta'


Born 1st May 2002

Robroyd Astronomical at Ballintober (B)     Bernie and  'Nina' 6 months

Robroyd Ashkenazy of Briannor (D) Angela & 'Ash'  aged 10 months

Robroyd Anton    'Baxter'  photo aged 9 months

Baxter now in Sweden with Mona & Lars-Erik  Uddenholme   kennel-Zantana

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Puppies from

 Rus, Int, Ital,  Ch Moskvorechie Antey X  Robroyd Gemtchugina 

    photo of  Dam  'Gem'

Born 26th August 2002 

    Robroyd  Chasovoi  (D)

Oakenshaw Grange   Les, Edward and 'Boris'

Boris travelled back fine and arrived unruffled. He has met Dylan (The Airedale),  Spencer AKA Sausage (Min Dachshund) and Tommy (A guest Beagle) and is now fine with Hector the Sporting Lucas (Best buddies in fact now.) Tomorrow he will meet Lucy the Spinone and Sam the Lab and that's our whole pack here. Later he can meet Oscar the Peke (Emma the Kennel Supervisors dog) and Penny the min poodle (Allbrooks Tornado's managers dog) and Kye the Staffy, Les's sisters dog.

Robroyd Chernika at Ferngold (B) Sue & 'Bramble'

Robroyd Chastooshka (B) Steve & Jill  with 'Tasha'

Robroyd Chepchik (D)  Frank & Marie with 'Nico'

Robroyd  Charodei  (D)   Sue, Mark &  family with 'Tyson'

Robroyd  Chado (B)   Kim  & 'Olga'.

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ROBROYD Russian Black Terrier Puppies ( 5 ) Born 10th June 2000 - 4 bitches & 1 male.

Eestiless Joker Arbat-Roz at Robroyd    X     Lisander Astronimical at Robroyd

Robroyd Byruza, Broshka, Bronya,(B) & Bulat (D) with their new loving owners, living in the house.

We kept Robroyd Bulava (Minnie)

photo Robroyd Byruza aged 6 weeks-'Mishka' and Pam

 - Proud owners Henry & Pam Martin. Mishka now is 29 inches to the shoulder




Robroyd Bulat (D) aged 14 weeks (the only male in our 2nd litter). Happily in his new home with Anastasia & Andy,   Boris & Fydor 2 male Airedales & 2 cats to snuggle up to. Photo's December 2000 - Bulat aged 6 months



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